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Birthdate:May 17
Location:(states/regions/territories), Australia
Jezz{here be dragons} is a half-wild girlchild, native to the south west of australia. Music and vodka are her oxygen, and her friends provide the soundtrack to her life. She thinks of herself as a writer, a dreamer, an explorer. You can think of her however you want; it won't affect her perceptions of herself.

She is easily pleased, content with shiny objects and likes to think she can fly. She dislikes people who cannot use the word 'inconceivable', and those with no imagination. So in touch with her inner child, at times she forgets her chronological age. {But acts her shoe size}. She lives for vanquishing dragons and deciphering messages in the clouds.

Living in the clouds gets boring sometimes, so occasionally she will descend to write slash and drool over pretty boys. Love affairs are carried out with ice-cream sandwiches, P!ATD, books, music, Supernatural, summer, cherries, socks, FOB, and the beach. Her list of enjoyments include exploring her city, dancing constantly {to songs she sings}, and spending time with her friends {real & imaginary}.

She refuses to let society dictate the way she leads her life, choosing to ignore its take on punctuation, capitalisation, stalking and love. She believes that two people in love should have the right of marriage regardless of gender, thunderstorms in summer are amazing, and the use of third person should be more wide-spread.

Disclaimer: The author is slightly pervy and a rabid fangirl. She will fangirl you on whim with no warning. Any similarity in personality and/or history to any person, living or dead profiled in these writings is strictly intentional. The author takes no responsibility whatsoever for any death or injury caused by the information contained within the writing in this journal. Contents may be harmful or fatal when inhaled. Keep out of reach of children and take strictly as directed. If symptoms persist then see your doctor.

Proper Disclaimer: This journal contains material rated R to NC-17. If you are not over the legal age in your home country to be reading this material, then i take no responsibility for the consequences. You have been warned. I intend no harm or profit from the characters and settings I occasionally play around with. They are always left as they are found.

Friending: If you want to know more about me/the crazy life that i lead, go ahead and friend me. If you do friend me, pleasepleaseplease comment {it's only polite. Just introduce yourself, how you found me, that sort of thing} so i am aware of the fact, otherwise I won't notice. After jumping around like an excited child, and smothering you with sticky kisses, I might friend you back. I might not, too.

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"brotherly hug" my arse, accent's {as-showcased-by} diego luna, acting like a child, alexandre despatie{for-drooling-over-of}, always jumping in puddles, amy as the-older-and-oh!so-wiser-sister, angsty!harry & dense!ron, are you listening?, barry hollis{teenage-delinquent-much?}, being cuddled close, bittersweetness of chocolate, black sharpies, blackcars&shiny laptops are hot, blueblueblue eyes elijah has, bossy dean&drunk sammy, brian-in-a-tanktop-and-unbuttoned-jeans-omg, bright colours {bouncing-against-my-eyes}, calvin & hobbes{causing-trouble-again}, charlie the ballerina, chasing {hanson} tour buses, condor's thrashing, dancing all night, dean's jeans of sex, devouring fantasy novels, diego luna's dancing skills, dimples and whitewhite teeth, dom and tattoo's, dragons and fire, dreaming of you&me, drivingfast & singingwiththewindowsdown, drowning pain in lemonade, eclectic taste in music, elijah's smooth-as-silk skin, elizabeth & mr darcy, elves & wantingtobeone, epic fist pumps, ever wonder about ezra?, exploring the world, eyebrow waggles of sex, faffing about {always}, fairy dust & flying, feedback from fic, flip-flops{always!}, flow charts of dhoom!, flying to neverland, forever and a day, freckles scattered across cheeks, gamma-ray dancing, garden state & jd, giant jared hands, go to bed pete, green eyes{telling-all-my-secrets}, half-price carnegie's cocktails!, hand-written letters, harry "caps lock" potter, harry potter & {the-scavanger-hunt-of-dhoom}, hoods.pulled.up.and.sleeves.pulled.down, ike the accordion geek, imma rock star, inbox {1} new message, indoor picnics, irish twins {savingusfromevilmen}, johnny galvatron, jon walker's scruff, jonathan rhys meyers {and-the-lips-of-sekks}, jumping for joy {always}, knee-high socks[& school-girl uniforms], lano & woodly {for-laughing-at}, laughing out loud, light comma sticks, lise always being here, little gay wizards, lord of the rings, loving unobtainable boys, making daisy chains, mannys tattoos, meant for each other, meeting new people, middle-earth, monoboyde {rps!}, muscles {shown-off-by} diego luna, my inner children, narnia & lions, notbeingabletospell{atall}, oh look shiny!, orlando {whats-my-name?} bloom, packages in the mail, painted toenails{in-colours-of-the-rainbow}, permission-to-go-for-the-grope, pete's tongue{for-the-sake-of-humanity!}, peter pan syndrome, pirates{&wanting-to-be-one}, puff broccoli, purple hats&pink mittens, reciting shakespeare in public, red dwarf{stuck-in-space-forever}, rincewind the {failed} wizard, ringleted hair{easy-as-pie}, road trips{to-no-where-in-particular}, robots are cool!!!, rock salt&car boots, rose vests&hobo gloves, sam's smile of sex, scottish accents{as-modeled-by-billy}, screaming about hott-boy sex, sekkret identities{i-have-one-do-you?}, she's in love, shiny things, sidekicks and poptarts, singing-along-to-feeling-alright, singing/quoting lyrics in conversation, slash, snarky brotherly love, snogging in the rain, solidarity_against_internet_witch_hunts, spencer smith's smile, squee!!!one!!!eleventy!!!!!, striped bonds undies, stubble scratching my cheek, sunshine is bliss, swash swash buckle buckle, tattoos.tracing.up.your.arm, the almighty galvatrons, the friends that rock-my-socks, the'no.hands', the-fool-is-golden-&-fitz-is-stupid, theirloveissocanon!!!, this hovercraft {is-full-of-eels}, tilty hips&blueblue eyes, trailing-fingers-up-your-back, trucker hats worn unironically, turning chaos into art, unicorns {for my birthday}, vampires {all-glowing-eyes & teeth}, vimes the {unwilling} duke, viva la revolusion!!!!!, vodka, walking on wet grass, waterfights in school uniforms, wearing pink{almost-every-day}, whisperings in my ear, wish upon a star, words-written-on-my-arm, writing with no capitals, xander being evils bitch, you all everybody, you brave little soldier, you're my tad hamilton, {here be dragons}, {putting things in brackets}
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